And Now, We Need You!


The ZULU tribe needs you to put content on this blog.

We need you!!!

ZULU blog is yours.  Now is the time to own it and use it.

Please use the comments herebelow to suggest ideas, projects and inspiration for the rest of the ZULU tribe.

These are the steps you can follow:

1) Find a fellow member of the tribe to work with.  You are a team.

2) Think between the two (or three) of you of a subject that relates to the contents of the blog and the skills we have practiced in our lessons:

– Leadership
– Communication
– Body Language
– Emotions
– Memory
– Coaching
– Skills
– Inspiration
– Think like Leonardo da Vinci
– Debating
– Persuasion
– Fun
– Teamwork
– Nick
– Brain Storming
– Making the next 12 months the best year of tour life
– Whatever you consider appropriate and interesting…

3) Your team assignment is to research online and produce contents for a blog post which can be any combination of the following:

– Plain text
– Games to make people think
– Podcast you make
– A video you make
– A video from YouTube
– Inspirational quotes
– Pictures
– Songs
– Poems
– Surveys
– Tests

The blog post has to end with questions that move the reader to action, makes the reader think and prompts the reader to write comments on the post.


Who will you work with? List the members of your team in the comments below.

What will you post about? Describe your team project in the comments below.