Listening Skills

1) Analyze the “patient and doctor metaphor” on misunderstanding and broken communication.

2) Understand the different levels of listening:

– Not listening
– Selective listening
– Active listening
– Empathic listening

3) Carry out the test to asses your ability with listening skills (download it HERE ).

4) Ask somebody who knows you well and has a daily relation with you (your father or mother, for example) to fill out the same assessment of YOUR listening skills.


– What are the differences between the two results of the same test?
– Are you as good a listener as you thought you were?
– Why do people who know you have a different idea about you than what you think?
– What is the diffefence between selective and active listening?
– What is the difference between active and empathic listening?
– Why is listening so powerful when you need to persuade somebody?
– Is persuasion a two way ir a single way process?