Body Language


Put a P (Positive) next to the behaviours that you can use to make soembody listen to you. Put an N (Negative) next to the behaviours that, will prevent the other person from listening to you.

Enact in front of an audience those behaviors and let them tell you if they find it “positive” or “negative.”

Compare and discuss your results with the ones recorded by others.

1.- _____ Raise an eyebrow.

2.- _____ Smile.

3.- _____ Nod with your head.

4.- _____ Move your body forward when you are seated.

5.- _____ Be quite.

6.- _____ Tap your fingers on the table.

7.- _____ Look away from the person who is listening to you.

8.- _____ Look spaced out.

9.- _____ Open and relax your posture.

10 -_____ Touch.

11.-_____ Close and tense your posture.

12.-_____ Be autistic.

13.-_____ Be calm and stand still.

14.-_____ Look nervous.

15.-_____ Let your head hang loose.

16.-_____ Make eye contact.

17.-_____ Sigh.

18.-_____ Give an angry look.

19.-_____ Move your head to the side as if it were to touch your shoulder.

20.-_____ Show that you are happy.

21.-_____ Give a seducing look.

22.-_____ Move your head from side to side.

23.-_____ Duck into your chair.

24.-_____ Cross your arms.

25.-_____ Tilt your head downwards.

26.-_____ Half close your eyelids.

27.-_____ Arch your neck forward.

28.-_____ Look to the side of the one who is listening.

29.-_____ Give a look of disapproval.


– What makes body language “positive” or “negative”?

– Does  “positive” depend on what you want to achieve?

– What are the few behaviors that are unarguably “positive” according to EVERYBODY?

– What are the few behaviors that are unarguably “negative” according to EVERYBODY?

– Does overdoing a “positive” behaviour make it negative?

– What behavior should you adopt when you give a presentation to an audience?


And Now, We Need You!


The ZULU tribe needs you to put content on this blog.

We need you!!!

ZULU blog is yours.  Now is the time to own it and use it.

Please use the comments herebelow to suggest ideas, projects and inspiration for the rest of the ZULU tribe.

These are the steps you can follow:

1) Find a fellow member of the tribe to work with.  You are a team.

2) Think between the two (or three) of you of a subject that relates to the contents of the blog and the skills we have practiced in our lessons:

– Leadership
– Communication
– Body Language
– Emotions
– Memory
– Coaching
– Skills
– Inspiration
– Think like Leonardo da Vinci
– Debating
– Persuasion
– Fun
– Teamwork
– Nick
– Brain Storming
– Making the next 12 months the best year of tour life
– Whatever you consider appropriate and interesting…

3) Your team assignment is to research online and produce contents for a blog post which can be any combination of the following:

– Plain text
– Games to make people think
– Podcast you make
– A video you make
– A video from YouTube
– Inspirational quotes
– Pictures
– Songs
– Poems
– Surveys
– Tests

The blog post has to end with questions that move the reader to action, makes the reader think and prompts the reader to write comments on the post.


Who will you work with? List the members of your team in the comments below.

What will you post about? Describe your team project in the comments below.